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After launching, we now are so proud to announce that our second game – Metal Heroes was featured on top by Google.
Let’s see our amazing achievements after 1 week being featured:

  • Getting 51.9K new users
  • Reaching 48.6K installings

Just download and enjoy your game on mobile at: Metal Heroes


In the mysterious Technical World, a secret gangs call BlackShark is tacit to exterminate the world. Their army is spreading over the world so fast and destroying everything they see to rebuild their own monarchy.

One day, a strange light appeared, Metal Hero stepped out from it with the mission of saving the Technical World. Metal Hero is a legend savior as he immediately started his journey to save the world from the invading forces of BlackShark gangs.

As Metal Heroes is a shooting action game, characters are armed with diversified weapons. Players will control the Metal shooter to combat the BlackShark force for victory. The battle of this warrior will bring to you a feeling of classic defense games by the platform shooting games. This Metal Heroes is only available for mobile platformer.

Metal Heroes – One of the best new action games ever!