CEL Co., Ltd. co-operate with BAP Inc. (Vietnam) for Offshore development

CEL Co., Ltd. co-operate with BAP Inc. (Vietnam) for Offshore development Meeting the system development needs after security testing at BAP (Vietnam)

CEL Co., Ltd. (below referred to as “CEL”) is a 100% subsidiary of VLC Group, we will begin to develop offshore development with BAP Inc (hereinafter referred to as “BAP”).

BAP Inc. was founded in 2016 by Mr. Dao Ngoc Thanh, a senior software engineer of CyberAgent company. BAP is an offshore development company with 160 engineers till July 2019, the company has recruited many excellent students from Vietnam from Hanoi University of Technology. Bringing in many achievements such as business systems (SAP ERP, Salesforce), WEB applications, mobile applications and games, etc., theses achievement has been applied by large accounting, information and media companies in Japan.

CEL Co., Ltd. provides security testing services for websites, smart phone applications, corporate intranets, IoT devices, vehicle systems, etc. for many large businesses on the stock exchange. , ministries and government departments in Japan, but since there are many requests to support system improvement after network security testing, we have implemented cooperation with BAP with high quality development services with low prices.

Besides, with the Group, relying on the connection with technology companies in the United States, Europe and Asia – as these are important markets that are expected to have high demand growth, will build institutions that can provide important infrastructure solutions for companies in the region and companies which are undergoing consolidation and expansion.

In Vietnam, placing BAP as the main base, an influential company of TOP500 in Vietnam, called VNR500, has invested in the fields of information communication and has high growth that is not inferior to many big company in Japan. With our group, we are having plans to meet regional needs in the future.

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