BAP participated in AI4 Viet Nam 2018.

On August 21, the AI4 Viet Nam2018 meeting was held in Hanoi.

This conference is an event for the group collected for the innovative program sponsored by 2018 Vietnamese planning and investment, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and Training.

Dao Ngoc Thanh (BAP CEO & FOUNDER), Le Minh Toan (BAP, JAPAN), Dr. Le Viet Quoc (BAP CEO & FOUNDER), leader of the scientists working in the field of artificial intelligence in Vietnam (Google Brain, USA), Professor Vu Van Ha (Yale University, Yale University), Dr. Do Binh Minh (NASA, USA), and many other key figures.

BAP is a participant of this conference and I am pleased that I got the opportunity to share and connect key technologies, block chains, AI with other users.

Discussing solutions to promote the development of AI in Viet Nam
Viet Nam focuses resources on the development of AI
More than 100 scientists attended the conference on AI

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