Liberzy – Social network for travel lovers

BAP – an angel investor for Liberzy

The rise of smartphones with many useful applications and the development of technology are making changes in the tourism trend of young people in Vietnam. Remarkably, self-sufficient tourism is currently interested and chosen by many visitors because its usefulness. You can do what you like, freely schedule without being confined like going on a tour… Those are the reasons why the trend of self-tourism is growing rapidly. 

Investing in Liberzy since it was still an idea is such a risky decision. However, it shows the encouragement to young people to start a business of BAP. BAP invests a technology package of about US $ 100,000 in Mr. Truong Duc Thang’s ideas. For Liberzy, BAP is like an angel investor.


Liberzy – Travel plan

Liberzy is composed of two words: “liberty ” and “easy”, which is what the founders want to bring to users. Launched in late 2017, it is a social network for Vietnamese people, where users can find useful information shared with special tools built on web and app. Users can create and share their travel schedule with just a few simple steps.

Besides, Liberzy also provides tools to assess the tourist destination that users have been to, and finding places is easier thanks to the integrated map. Users can also choose to book services such as airline tickets, hotels, buses, through the Liberzy system. Liberzy’s difference is focused on technology development: applies artificial intelligence, big data to blockchain in the system to help bring out the most useful information and closest to user needs.

Liberzy always research, learn more about technology and the latest technology applications to be able to develop a better product. At the same time, constantly learning about users and user behavior to meet all the needs of users.

Source:  Truyền Hình Nhân Dân

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