Smart phone Apps Development

At BAP IT CO., LTD., We are developing a smartphone application to meet client’s requests.In addition to developing the IPHONE / ANDROID application, we have a lot of experienced engineers on the server side so we can leave the entire system necessary for application development.After setting a budget, requirement definition, schedule by advance meeting about one month, we will start development.

Please feel free to consult us first.

Development example

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<SNS application>

It is possible to create SNS that enhances functions such as chat, group creation, free call, voice input, GPS, stamp etc. It is also possible to attach specific functions as requested, so please do not hesitate to contact  us!

<Concierge matching application>

Ask questions in the application Answer from various users and ask for work from the mailbox. Also, a ranking is created based on the evaluation of responses received. Posting only one good question may lead to a wonderful encounter.

<Manualize application>

By arranging the images according to the procedure and writing the text, it is possible for anyone to make a manual that is easy to understand.

It can be used for customer support and automation of operations.

<Block chain related>

In addition to the virtual currency system and exchanges system on WEB, we can develop Wallet application and asset management application according to demand from the result of abundant block chain development.

Of course we welcome your new ideas !


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