Lodyhelp-Top 60 Vietnam Startup Wheel 2019!

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Congratulations Lodyhelp and Liberzy on being in the Top 60 Vietnam Startup Wheel 2019!

Top 60 Vietnam Startup Wheel 2019 https://bitly.vn/86ud
BAP is really proud of Lodyhelp Project Team, proud of its serious working attitude, striving continuously with “hot heart and a cool head
“, proud of your efforts in the first difficult period of Startup..
Keep up the performance, “burn out” and strive to go into Top 10!

<3 <3 <3 LODYHELP - Local: Live local, eat local, shop local.
– Buddy: Community to connect and make friends.

– Help: Always be there to support.

For more details, visit:

– Web: lodyhelp.com

– Fanpage facebook: www.facebook.com/lodyhelp