BAP Co., Ltd. has SAP certification and SALESFORCE certification engineers and has development experience from requirements definition to development.

SAP Certification:
 SD / MM 2 people ABAP Certification: 2 people
SAP development results of BAP Inc .:

1 SD related matter

-After performing Fit & Gap (end-to-end) for end user requirements, add-on requirement definition planning


-Implement Add-on requirement definition

-Plan and execute master data transfer (material master, BP master, BOM, sales price, material


-Create a master migration rule tool for the operation phase

-Check the operation after customizing the SAP system

 Propose a solution that integrates Salesforce's CRM system with SAP's SD module

Ru (pre-sales)

■ Role / Position: SAP / SFDC Consultant

-Using CRM's web services and SAP's BAPI / IDOC, with Salesforce's CRM system

Suggest a solution to integrate SAP's SD module

-SAP system:

・ Propose a solution to execute service order from the requirement of Salesforce system

・ Solution that integrates POST system and SAP FI module with add-on program

In order to automatically input payment from the data of the POST system that


-CRM system in Salesforce:

・ Provide a solution that integrates Salesforce's CRM system with SAP's SD module.


SALESFORCE Certification
Salesforce Certified Application Architect: 1 person

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer: 1 person

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AI / IoT development

BAP is developing the original artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT product.


1. AI Illustration Designer (

Artificial intelligence automatically creates character illustration images.



2. Fitting app

Once you take a picture of the whole body from the front, artificial intelligence automatically determines the size of the clothes,

If you choose clothes from the item list of the shop, you will see an image that looks like you tried on fitting your own body line and trying on it.

It is an app that can save a lot of space and time for trying on.

· Image recognition

· Neutron technology

· Artificial Intelligenc



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Blockchain Technology

Proud to be the first company in Da Nang applying blockchain technology, we offer high quality and thoroughly protected services that can cope with various genres at low price. For more details please see our blockchain website :

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Smart phone Apps Development

At BAP IT CO., LTD., We are developing a smartphone application to meet client’s requests.

In addition to developing the IPHONE / ANDROID application, we have a lot of experienced engineers on the server side so we can leave the entire system necessary for application development.

After setting a budget, requirement definition, schedule by advance meeting about one month, we will start development.

Please feel free to consult us first.


Development example

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<SNS application>


It is possible to create SNS that enhances functions such as chat, group creation, free call, voice input, GPS, stamp etc. It is also possible to attach specific functions as requested, so please do not hesitate to contact  us!







<Concierge matching application>

Ask questions in the application Answer from various users and ask for work from the mailbox. Also, a ranking is created based on the evaluation of responses received. Posting only one good question may lead to a wonderful encounter.








<Manualize application>


By arranging the images according to the procedure and writing the text, it is possible for anyone to make a manual that is easy to understand.

It can be used for customer support and automation of operations.





<Block chain related>

In addition to the virtual currency system and exchanges system on WEB, we can develop Wallet application and asset management application according to demand from the result of abundant block chain development.

Of course we welcome your new ideas !







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Web Development

We are making a web service that connects people with people at our idea with our partner.

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Game Development

株式会社BAPは、App Store やGoogle Store でランクインしているゲームなど、多くのゲーム開発実績を持っております。






キャラクターから音声素材、開発は全部BAP 内で担当させていただきます。

<crypto war>


株式会社BAP ( BAP JIL JAPAN )はアイディアから開発まで担当しました。

crypto war( クリプトゲームの詳細)は下記のデータをご参考まで




<Rock-Paper-Scissors game on Smart Contruct>



<Idol Garden> 







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